​At LeaderSelect we believe promotional testing should go above and beyond mere evaluation.  It should set the tone for what you want your leaders to be.  Our testing materials do just that!  Our testing materials focus on what great leaders actually do! We offer a unique promotional testing solution for your department that centers on leadership, integrity and accountability. This approach is not service specific and can be used in any department of any local government organization. 
Each department is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help you promote the best personnel for your department. We offer a variety of standard and custom solutions, tailored to your department and your specific needs.
The LeaderSelect test is provided online, which gives an instant report to the agency as well as documentation needed for review and potential appeals.  As each candidate completes the examination, an email is sent to the agency’s test proctor along with the questions missed, the candidates answer, the correct answer and the location in the source material where the question was derived. This will streamline the review/appeal process and avoid delays for mailing test booklets back and forth.

Co-founders Todd Renshaw and Riley Harvill have a combined 70 years of experience in law enforcement and consulting.  Todd retired as the Public Safety Chief in Frisco Texas and is the founder of Southwest Leadership Resources, LLC.  Riley is the current principle consultant and co-founder of The HarBeck Company, Inc.  Together, they bring a development perspective to law enforcement assessment. 

Promotional Testing
  • Designed to teach leadership and accountabiity

  • Affordable study materials

  • Testing done online

  • Analytics available for testing outcomes.

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